Knowing we wanted to build real farm tables, we were approached by a barn owner from Wyoming county concerning a barn that collapsed on his property. After meeting with him and learning of the history that the barn had been through, the owner believed that this would be a great re-purposing of his barn.

The barn was built circa 1850 on a piece of property that now is the at the foundation of the Nicholson Railroad Viaduct. The property was intended for the New York City elites to get away from the city and enjoy the country air. This barn was used for carriages and other storage needs. In the 50’s the farm was sold to a family and they tried to make a go as dairy farmers. As with many dairy farmers, it was not meant to be. The property sat lonely for many years until recently it was purchased. The current owner is now in the process of cleaning up the past and looking to return the property back to its former unbroken years.