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All deposits on tents and linens are non-refundable.


Delivery and pick-up service is available.  A charge will be determined by the location.


Delivery is to the ground floor within a reasonable distance from the truck.  The delivery charge does not include the setting up of equipment before the party, nor does it cover breaking down the equipment after the party. If setup is needed, there will be a charge of $25.00 per man / per hour with a minimum charge of $25.00


Rental equipment, tables, chairs, dishes, etc. must be kept under the tent and in the case of no tent, kept out of the elements. You are responsible for keeping everything dry. If not, we charge a 25% "wipe down fee" on the price of the whole contract.


Equipment must be protected and sheltered from the elements. This includes keeping the equipment under the tent after the party.


Renter is responsible for checking the accuracy of the equipment. Your signature means you agree with the quantity.  Any missing items will be charged to you.


The equipment is expected to be picked up in the same area in which it was delivered. The equipment will be stacked, clean, dry and protected or an additional charge will apply.


Linen will be returned debris free. Do not allow wax on the linen. If so, linen will be returned as damaged.


Payment is to be made before the time of the party.


Due to seasonal demands, we strongly recommend reservations.

we cannot determine when equipment will be booked.